Organic Black Seeds / Kalonji / Nigella Sativa (50g)

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Organic Black Seeds / Kalonji / Nigella Sativa (50g)

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* From organic farming.

How to use: it is advisable to take a spoonful (3-5 g) per day, yogurt, juices, cereals, etc.

Storage: in dry and cool place

Ingredients: Whole seeds of black cumin (Nigella sativa)


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Black cumin seeds

The black cumin is the mature seeds of Nigella sativa,belonging to the group of Ranunculáceas herb.

It is a plant widely known properties since ancient times. However, it is the seed that offers many beneficial properties.


  • Breathing problems coughing.
  • Strengthens defenses.
  • Favorable in states of fatigue.
  • Help bile secretion and promotes digestion.
  • Promotes good skin condition.
  • Help backaches and joints.
  • It helps maintain proper cholesterol levels.