Molasess Ginger Enzyme Drink

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Molasess Ginger Enzyme Drink

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INGREDIENTS: Bentong ginger with organic molasses sugar and organic papaya lemon enzyme juice.(70% Organic Ingredients)



Product details

手腳冰冷, 怕冷 Cold hands and feet, scare of cold
容易扭傷 Easily sprained
消化不良,常脹風 Indigestion and flatulence
長期素食 Vegetarian diets
易疲倦 ,嗜睡 Fatigue and lethargic
不易睡,多夢 Insomnia and dreaminess
經常拉肚子 Frequent diarrhea
大便稀無條狀 non-strip and watery stool
很容易發胖,又不容易瘦回來 Getting fat easily yet not easy to slim down
易水腫 Puffiness
氣色欠佳,皮膚暗沉無光澤 Dull skin complexion
皮膚易長豆 Acne breakout
鼻喉腔粘液多 lots of nose throat mucus

Main functions: Improves deficiency cold, blood circulation, water retention, rheumatism, & backache. Strengthen immunity, reduce flatulence, helps in digestion & improves absorption. Get rid of throat and nose congestion. Drink daily to ensure staying vibrant and youthful!

Long-term staying in air-conditioned room, drinking cold drinks, bathing late, sleeping late, lacking of exercise and many more modern living lifestyles which have trapped us in deficiency cold. Please find the below to provide as a reference for you to check if you have the symptoms of deficiency cold :

Cold hands and feet, scare of cold
Easily sprained
Indigestion and flatulence
Vegetarian diets
Fatigue and lethargic
Insomnia and dreaminess
Frequent diarrhea
Non-strip and watery stool
Getting fat easily yet not easy to slim down
Dull skin complexion
Acne breakout
Lots of nose throat mucus

Deficiency cold will lead to difficulty in body detoxification, slower metabolism rate, declination of immunity system, disorder in menstrual cycle and will also trigger skin diseases, causing more serious diseases in the long run. Besides drinking ginger enzyme, it is recommended that you may take more spicy foods such as curry; warm foods such as red dates, not drinking cold drinks, do more exercise, and 15 mins sun soak under the sun before 10 o'clock in the morning or after 3 o'clock in the afternoon daily.

Suitable for:

Anyone aged 7 years old and above. For those who have weak meridian, easily felt heaty, may start with less ginger enzyme more water and gradually add to optimal level.

This product is bring to you from Titi Eco Organic Farm, Negeri Sembilan. To ensure what we bought is genuine organic or natural product, one has to know:

Where it was being manufactured?
Whether it was certified organic?

Established since 1997; Titi Eco Organic farm is one of the pioneer in the industry which has obtained both Malaysia organic and NASSA Australia organic certification standard. It is located in a countryside village called ";Jelebu";, Negeri Sembilan which means ";Foggy"; which is about 1000 feet above sea level, surrounded by hills and lush greenery where the air is cooler, fresher and cleaner. It covers an areas of over 40 acres with organic vegetables farm, fruits garden, herbs garden, fishponds, recreational area and in-house factory. It is an integration of organic and natural farms with farm stay resort that welcome everyone to visit and experience the nature, learn to be caring for the earth, appreciate and love the natural food, share ideas on organic farming and environmental issues, etc.. You may see for yourself the genuine commitment to organic farming while you were there!

Intake suggestions:

Take once or twice a day. 20-30 ml ginger enzyme with 120ml warm water 5 mins before meal. Do not use hot water. For best result, take in the morning and afternoon, or 8 hours before sleep, .


Ingredients: Bentong ginger with organic molasses sugar and organic papaya lemon enzyme juice.(70% Organic Ingredients)