Organic Beetroot chips RAW


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Organic Beetroot chips RAW(40g)

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INGREDIENTS: Red Beetroot* (32 %), Raisins* (19 %),;Nuts*(47 %;;Brazil Nuts*,;Almonds*), Unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar*,;Ground Mustard Seeds*(4 %), Cold-Pressed Sunflower Oil*, Pink Salt.*

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Organic Beetroot chips RAW (40g)

Organic, Raw, Vegan, Gluten Free, Lactose Free, No sugar added

Thin crispy raw crisps made with sliced beetroot and seasoned with a nut, raisin and mustard seed sauce. Dehydrated several days at a low temperature to preserved the maximum amount of nutrients available naturally in the beetroot.

  • Delicious and convenient way to eat beetroot, in a sweet & sour delicate marinade

  • High in fibre

  • Raw chips in organic and vegan quality

  • Sliced, marinated and gently dehydrated at low temperatures instead of being fried (except topinambour,, not marinated

  • Gentle process to preserve both flavours and the nutritional benefits of the raw vegetables

  • Gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, no added sugar, starches or preservatives

  • Suitable for rawfood, gluten-free and paleo diets


Red Beetroot* (32 %), Raisins* (19 %), Nuts* (47 %; Brazil Nuts*, Almonds*), Unpasteurized Apple Cider Vinegar*, Ground Mustard Seeds* (4 %), Cold-Pressed Sunflower Oil*, Pink Salt.
* = Organic Certified Product