Organic Dried Lily Flowers from Taiwan mountains

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Organic Dried Lily Flowers from Taiwan mountains

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The “Dark Tribe” lily flowers are cultivated organically, and not processed through sulphurisation, so their freshness, crispiness, sweetness and colour are all kept in the flower.

The “DarkTribe” lily flowers can maintain their shiny golden yellow colour, thanks to the optimal natural environment that dried wood fallen from the valley is used as burning fuel, and the well-experienced workers, who dry the flowers under gentle flame, and flip them at appropriate intervals, heating each petal evenly until their dryness reaches the most optimal condition. Thus, because of this, the product is neither over-roasted nor over-browned, but remains fresh. Apart from their seriousness about the process, the clansmen of the tribe carefully select the buds which are two days old and most suitable for processing. This is the harvest they receive after the effort on the maintenance of the product quality and the devotion of their interacting with their lands.

The “Dark Tribe”
Ciharaay is located in the foothill of Chengguangao behind the Sixty Stone Mountain. Due to the fact that they have no water or electrical supply, the natives often mock at the place as the “Dark Tribe”.

Serving method
1. After marinate the flowers in water, stir fry with other food ingredients with Soy Sauce paste such as Wuan Zhuang Soy Sauce paste to achieve an excellent taste;
2. Drink it as tea;
3. As an ingredient for soup

Ingredients: IMO Organic Lily Flower

More about lily flower
Lily flower (Hemerocallis fulva) is also called the “herb for relief of sorrow” or “Mother Flower” according to Chinese. It is common ingredients of the domestic cuisines, rich in iron and as the effect of sorrow relief. It also bears the name “The One-day Beauty”, meaning that it blossoms in the daytime and wilts at night. The farmers would harvest the budding flowers before they blossom as they lose their medical values when they bloom.

Sulphite is added in inorganic dry lily flowers processing as an enzyme suppressor, bleacher, antioxidant, reducing agent and preservatives. For normal healthy individuals, sulphite is water soluble that it can be excreted as urine or faeces after intake and metabolism; for people with abnormal gastric acid secretion or wheezing, products with high sulphite residue is allergic to them and thus unsuitable for consumption.

“Sulphite-free organic lily flowers” is processed from fresh lily flower buds being dried directly at 60 degrees Celsius. As no blanching process is involved with the addition of sulphite, the product needs drying for a long time, so the yield is relatively low.
Ingredients: IMO Organic Lily Flower


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