Organic Pineapple Emzyme 750ml

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Organic Pineapple Emzyme 750ml

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INGREDIENTS: OrganicPineapples, Probiotics (yeast, acetic acid bacteria, lactic acid bacteria)

Product details

Be beautiful

² The unique flavonoids that have strong antioxidant effects and anti-cancer properties. To help prevent premature aging

² Naturally losing weight & skin whitening effect

² Promoting vibrant skin & improving acne skin

Be healthy

² Revive body cells to fight against bacteria & reduce overall tiredness

² Body detoxification & blood purification

² Promoting a longer and healthier life

² Balance the body acidity condition

² Boots the body's metabolism

² Strengthening natural immunity

² Helps to improve your digestive functions

Be Strengthened

² Speeds up the recovery of sicknesses & surgeries

² Provides nourishment to the pregnant & a woman that has given birth

Absolutely No

Preservative, coloring, flavoring

Refined Sugars, GMO

Recommended Dosage:

Take 30-60ml, twice or three times a day. Dilute with 5-10 times of water for drinking. It is OK to take it straight without adding water as well.

Ingredients: Organic Pineapples, Probiotics (yeast, acetic acid bacteria, lactic acid bacteria)