Raw Honey with Hibiscus

(instant drink pack)

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Raw Honey with Hibiscus(instant drink pack)

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INGREDIENTS: Raw Honey, Hibiscus
Weight: 10g x 8

Product details

How do you feel about edible flowers? Although we tend to think that candy is the number one, best tasting food around, we're pretty intrigued by the idea of eating a flower. They're beautiful, and they often provide a really interesting and unique taste to whatever they're added to. If you're of the same mind, then take heart! We're not alone. The good people behind Vintage Bee Creamed Honey have made these Vintage Bee Creamed Honey Hibiscus Minis!

The perfect treat for people who are looking for a more floral candy experience, Vintage Bee Creamed Honey is what you need! Each pack contains eight sticks of the most portable, tasty honey you could ever ask for! Each stick weighs in at .35 ounces, and the entire package weighs 2.8 ounces. Plus, since the honey sticks are made with 100% pure raw honey and real Hibiscus flowers, you're in for a sweet treat you can feel good about.

Ingredients: Raw Honey, Hibiscus

Weight: 10g x 8