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Organic Pumkin Seed Oil

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Organic Pumkin Seed Oil

$63.00 for 1 pcs

INGREDIENTS: 100 percent pumpkin seed oil 100ml

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Pumpkin seed oil, which is obtained from the gently roasted kernels, impresses with its exceptionally aromatic taste and its dark green color. Obtained from the harvest-fresh seeds of sun-ripened pumpkins by a particularly gentle pressing process.

The company Rinatura became Rinatura Bio when no cock crowed for organic. In the early 80's was restructured and since then one relies on careful processing, the renunciation of artificial aromas and preservatives, a strict quality control by DE-ÖKO-001 as well as on sustainability and naturally good taste. All personal needs can be adapted to Rinatura Bio, because here you can enjoy the luxury of a special copyrighted product information, which indicates for each product whether it is compatible with possible allergies or intolerances. The product range is unrivaled in the organic sector. Basically, with the Rinatura organic products you can feed completely carefree through the various food groups, down to fresh fruit and vegetables. Whether cereal or vinegar, biscuit or spices, dried fruit or spread, every organic lover's heart beats a little faster at Rinatura Bio

ingredients: 100 percent pumpkin seed oil

size: 100ml